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Title: The Christmas Spirit

Author: FlamingDongSaeng

Pairing: KaiSoo

Genre: Fluff, Christmas, Romance, Fantasy, Slice of Life, Angst (if you squint really hard)

Rating: N/R

Length: Chaptered

Status: Incomplete

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Title: Scars

Genre: Yaoi(MxM), Angst, Romance, Comedy

Pairings: KyuMin, SiMin, EunHae, more…

Rating: NC-17, due to the theme, sex and language

Summary: Remember the first time you scraped your knee when you were young? We all wondered how our bodies miraculously heal ourselves over time. Wounds turn into scabs after a few days. Scabs would disappear after the next few. But we all know that wounds would somehow be something that will never be forgotten. They will always leave their mark on us, one way or another.


For most of us, our scars, even the faintest ones, would often tell a story: from memories from our childhood to a near-death experience. But for Lee Sungmin, his scars held secrets, secrets that were never told.

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A Story I’d Like To Share

So a couple of friends and myself hung out at Starbucks earlier this day. We were talking about random things and the conversation led to about me and my friend.

Friend: Isn’t he your boyfriend?

I was like, “WHAAAAAAT? O.o” I don’t know if that’s what she really thought, but it’s sooo awkward, if we were mistaken as LOVERS. God. I never wanted that. We’re really close friends and my friends say that we look like a married couple, weird, because we’re both guys. I really wonder if we do look like that. O.o

Okay, I haven’t been posting for a while and I come up with THIS. Sorry. I’ve been really busy with school and I haven’t found the time to run the blog. I’ll update ASAP. Stay with me. Xx

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